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MIRIAM LINDBECK: “This work is not about me. It’s about my couples. My given purpose is to serve them to the highest
and to charge their life and marriage with the light of eternal love. “

How does it all come together?

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    Personalizing your Ceremony

    I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but to me it’s crucial that you and your minister, officiant, have a good fit, a strong sense that you would make a good team. If that’s the way you feel as well, then let’s read on. MORE>>

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    Premarital Counseling

    Even the most dedicated, conscious couples run into challenges sometime during the course of their marriage. They’re not just simple problems, they can be very straining, causing them to wonder if they will make it. Some couples have problems before they start, and others encounter them after they are married. MORE>>


About Miriam Lindbeck

In 1981 I was ordained as a non-denominational minister and have been serving Santa Barbara and the California Central Coast for these thirty-plus years. Preferring to call myself multi-denominational, I welcome all beliefs, all walks of life, and every combination therein. Whether your ceremony will be non-denominational, same faith, interfaith, multi-cultural, civil, spiritual, religious, traditional, non-traditional, or gay, I can work with you.

The driving force behind my work is that there is no one else on earth like you, nor any other couple like you. Your individuality, what makes you who you are, your relationship and love with each other, your family and your friends, is the gold that I seek.

Each ceremony in my hands is created individually in a partnership with you. I’ve performed over 900 wedding ceremonies and celebrations of life, and the great thing is, it just gets more exciting!

I am comfortable working in all kinds of locations and styles: Cliff tops, beaches, gardens, parks, hotels, resorts, estates, country clubs, wineries, farm houses, barns, backyards and chapels, from DIY, Vintage, classic, unique, small and intimate, to grand and celebrity elegant.